Animation and Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Pac-12 Podcast - Podcast of Champions  Logo/ Graphic Design - CBS Sports/ 247 The now legendary show starring Ryan Abraham and David Woods featured at CBS...

Artist Development

Music Production – over 100 CD & Films

Album & Soundtracks - over 100 production credits & contributions. Gary Barlough Composer/ Producer/ Song writer/ Engineer 1 Grammy win/  16 Grammy Nominations  /  1 Golden Globe...

Icons / Sonic Emblems

Iconic logo themes, Sonic Emblems, Startup Sounds, and Specialty App Sounds.    

Media Properties


Playa Vista, California - Community Network Hub.  Design & operation by Virtual World Arts. WEBSITE:


Local Information Network under development. Owner of over 25 website properties in Southern California.

Virtual Worlds

Places we have built.

Feature Film Support